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Revamped range of support for solicitors


Revamped range of support for solicitors

The range of support available for solicitors in England and Wales through The Solicitors’ Charity has shifted. With a renewed focus on holistic wellbeing, the charity has refreshed its approach to support, and offers more types of help than ever for solicitors. It’s time to take a fresh look at The Solicitors’ Charity and its comprehensive support for emotional, financial, professional, and physical wellbeing.


Nick Gallagher, CEO of The Solicitors’ Charity shared: “You may not have thought of “wellbeing support” and “The Solicitors’ Charity” in the same breath. However, things have changed, and it may be that we can help (if not now, but at some time in the future) with some of the wellbeing challenges that you or colleagues may be experiencing”. 


“People’s situations are all different and we have a wide range of clients approaching us for help because of a huge variety of challenges that they face. This could include struggling with the cost of living and money management, debt, ill health, disability, distress through domestic violence, and anxiety, which may be caused by work-related stress or life-related trauma”.  


  • Emotional 


Through established partnerships with providers in the field of psychotherapy, the charity can offer an initial assessment followed by sessions with a qualified therapist, where these are indicated. The Solicitors’ Charity also part-funds the mental health and wellbeing charity, LawCare, which is staffed with fully trained volunteers including many lawyers, providing a phone and email peer support helpline. 

  • Financial 


If individuals are struggling with finances and money management, The Solicitors’ Charity has services in place which can help with budgeting and drawing up a practical money management plan. If the situation is more serious, Breathing Spaces and Debt Relief Orders can be negotiated.


We can help with money problems and offer confidential advice


However, we know how threatening dealing with debt can be, as a solicitor, and the charity can sometimes help to clear these. The Solicitors’ Charity can also make direct financial awards for day-to-day support to individuals experiencing challenging times for solicitors who qualify for its financial eligibility criteria.

  • Professional 


Some solicitors may be returning to work after a break or may need to change the sector of law that they practice in, or even to move on from the law. Perhaps they have been made redundant and need support with securing their next career opportunity. Once again, The Solicitors’ Charity funds sessions offering vital career transition counselling support. The charity has also helped with the cost of Practicing Certificates for those with the chance of a job but no current income, and even with awards for work and interview clothes.

  • Physical  


Solicitors of any age can experience physical illness or disabilities which affect their ability to work or manage at home. The Solicitors’ Charity can provide occupational health assessments designed to identify adaptations that may help. The charity has also funded specialist equipment, where this is not available through the NHS.


Struggling at work? The Solicitors' Charity support


The Solicitors’ Charity offers a wide range of support services to solicitors, former solicitors, and their dependants in England and Wales. The majority of the wellbeing support offered does not require any financial eligibility checks, just proof of current or previous registration with the SRA. All dealings with The Solicitors’ Charity are strictly confidential; the charity is independent, and support is provided discretely, non-judgementally and in confidence.


Unclaimed client balances can help to fund services


Support our work


If you are (or your firm is) looking for a meaningful way of giving back and making an impact on the profession, consider donating unclaimed client balances (RCBs) to The Solicitors’ Charity. It’s a simple action, but it goes a long way. Not only does it assist law firms in meeting their regulatory obligations, but it also provides a crucial stream of funding for the continued provision of wellbeing packages for solicitors and their families. The Solicitors’ Charity indemnifies all donations of this kind, so should you ever need any unclaimed balances back, you can claim the funds back at any time. 


Any voluntary donations are also welcome from individuals, firms, and local Law Societies.

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