Supporting you with mental health stress at Christmas


Supporting you with mental health stress at Christmas

Christmas is a time of peace and joy for some – but for many it brings extra stress. For people struggling with their mental health this festive season, it’s ok to ask for help.


Solicitors are no exception. Seasonal work demands can leave them feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, depressed and less able to deal with distressing issues, such as work-place bullying or disciplinary action. 


Fortunately, support is available for those who are experiencing work-related difficulties from our partner LawCare, the mental wellbeing charity for the legal profession. 


There’s plenty of advice on the LawCare website It has thought-provoking and helpful articles and The Legal Mind podcast. You can also find real-life stories from solicitors who have been supported by LawCare – including issues ranging from sleep problems and post-natal depression, to gambling addiction, OCD and bipolar disorders. 


LawCare also offers free online resources to help solicitors get back on track and a peer supporters’ programme offering one-to-one support. 


There’s free, confidential support at LawCare, available to anyone working in the law, by emailing or calling: 0800 279 6888 


If you have other challenges this Christmas, get in touch with us at The Solicitors’Charity. We can offer solicitors and their dependents confidential and non-judgemental support, and access to money management and benefits advice services, to mental health support, to career counselling, and free legal advice around employment or disciplinary issues all provided by trusted expert partners. 

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