Helping solicitors follow the right career path

Helping solicitors follow the right career path


Helping solicitors follow the right career path

A solicitor’s career path can be a long one, with many twists and turns that can lead to more fulfilling work and greater success – but sometimes into a dead end. Solicitors working under stress and in situations that leave them overwhelmed and depressed can turn to us for support and understanding of what is needed to put them back on the right road.


Our wellbeing service is available to those in the profession who will benefit from personal career coaching, helping them to confidently navigate the jobs market and find a new direction.


Since 2014, 117 individuals have accessed expert career counselling and coaching services from our preferred supplier, Renovo. During the pandemic, more solicitors sought support with their career plans, whether it was another career in law like Family Mediation or a move away from law altogether.


In particular, 2020 was a busy year, with 28 requests for support and expertise. Everyone spent more time at home during the Covid crisis, and used the space to reflect on their lives, including all-important careers. Many discovered that what was important to them was to live a fulfilled and happy existence. For example, young solicitor Faye found herself at a low ebb, suffering from debilitating chronic fatigue syndrome and Long COVID which meant she couldn’t work.


She was supported by The Solicitors’ Charity and after a period of recuperation was interested in preparing to get back into the workforce. She was registered on Renovo’s three-month programme and found it improved her chances of enhancing her job options.


“My personal coach was great from the start; very accessible and we worked through various aspects that I needed to focus on. This made me identify my strengths and visualise what my ideal job might look like.


The experience was transformational; I secured a new post in a new area of law which was an amazing opportunity. I cannot thank The Solicitors’ Charity enough for supporting me and offering me the means to land this great new position!”


It’s usual for those contacting The Solicitors’ Charity to be supported by a range of services for a truly holistic approach, of which Renovo is a prime example. For instance, someone may come initially short term asking for help to get through a bad patch. Through building a relationship with our casework team, they may go on to benefit from a variety of support such as longer term mental health support for stress, alongside tailored career counselling.


Renovo can support individuals with all aspects of career transition, whether that be finding and securing a new role, looking at consultancy or self-employment or considering a complete change in career direction. People on the programmes get access to flexible, personalised virtual career coaching along with access to a wide range of digital resources, including career profiling assessments, CV building tools, interview simulators and a series of online workshops on a range of key career transition and job search topics.


Overall, there is very positive feedback from the solicitors that have been referred to the programmes offered by Renovo. Here are some of the comments from some of those benefiting from this specialist support:


“My coach was a guide, navigator, and advisor about the modern workplace. It had been 12 years since I last drafted a CV, and I had no idea how much they had changed.


Workfriend [the bespoke career transition and job search programme provided by Renovo] is an accurate label for this online facility. The various modules, subjects and video tutorials are modern, focused and easily understood. It is like having a complete toolbox at your disposal which you can use in your own time.


My confidence was at an all-time low when I was registered on the programme, but my coach really worked on resilience and restoring my confidence in myself and my capabilities.”


We’re doing great things to make a real positive difference to legal professionals during their tough times. So, if you’re struggling, please get in touch.

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