Support The Solicitors’ Charity and help activate your firm’s positive impact for good.


Support The Solicitors’ Charity and help activate your firm’s positive impact for good.

Can your firm help The Solicitors’ Charity make a positive difference? We appeal to law firms to step up and partner with us in creating a happier, healthier, and more supported profession.


The Solicitors’ Charity is a nationally recognised and trusted charity at the heart of the legal profession, providing practical, emotional, and financial support to solicitors across England and Wales to make a positive impact on their lives.


We have launched our #SolicitorsUnite campaign to encourage as many law firms as possible to consider supporting The Solicitors’ Charity by donating unclaimed client balances or choosing us as their Charity of the Year.


Even small unclaimed client balances can make a significant difference to the solicitors we help. Whether your firm has a few pennies or a larger sum in a client account, we can use this to fund our work supporting the profession.


Donating your firm’s unclaimed client balances (RCBs) to The Solicitors’ Charity is 100% risk-free. We offer complete indemnity in every case, irrespective of the amount, which means you can always claim the funds back, should you ever need to.


Donate your firm's unclaimed client balances 100% risk free...


Choosing us as your Charity of the Year is a unique opportunity to unite your staff behind a cause that makes a real difference to them and their colleagues. This is your chance to show your firm’s commitment to making a positive impact within the profession.


Firms that make The Solicitors’ Charity their Charity of the Year enjoy benefits including:

  • A partnership that is meaningful for both parties.
  • A way to show staff they care about their financial and emotional well-being.
  • A charity partner that is working for them and their people.
  • Access to activities like Legal Walks, volunteering, and more.
  • Direct access to support and help for solicitors when they need it.


Take action and make a positive impact today…


If you want to find out more, head to the support us section, unclaimed client balances, or Charity of the Year and start activating your firm’s positive impact for good.

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